Dry powder fire extinguisher filling machine

Three-head dry powder fire extinguisher filling machine



Feature :
1.Automatic filling and stopping
2.Automatic tare allowance and automatic data storage
3.Automatic resetting and automatic dust collection
4.The machine combines the rough filling with the precise filling and PLC control makes the filling
5.Three filling station
6.Filling at the same time or one by one


Technical parameters:
1.Filling precision:1kg≦±0.02
2.Filling speed:20-30kg/min
3.Voltage: AC380V/220V   50Hz   3 phase 4 wire
4.Power: 2.4kw
5.Dimension: 2400mmX1400mmX3500mm
6.Filling scope: 1-12kg

It can be used combining with the conveyor line:
Conveying linear velocity:6 m/min
Conveying linear width: 220MM ( Width can manufacture according to your requirement)