Dry powder fire extinguisher filling machine

Fast dry powder filling line



Technical parameters:
1.Filling precision:1kg≦±0.02
2.Filling speed:9cylinders/min(4kg fire extinguisher cylinder)
3.Conveying linear velocity:6 m/min
4.Conveying linear width: 220MM ( It is suitable for the diameter of 170mm. Width can manufacture according to your requirement) 
5.Voltage: AC380V/220V   50Hz   3 phase 4 wire
7.Overall dimension:L 10000×W 2000×H 3500mm
★ The length of the stainless steel conveyer is 11m.The filling line includes the intubation workstation, the double screw location, artificial air inflation station.
★ Driving gas: dry and clean compressed air 0.6-0.8MPa
★ It can be operated by 4 people.