Hydrostatic test machine

MTB-16 Fire extinguisher pressure test and blasting machine

It's suitable for the fire extinguisher production factory.

Fire extinguisher pressure test blast detector is researched and designed by our company.This machine is composed of computer, printer,control box and hydraulice test pump, and it can accomplish the test once and for all. During the test,it can get the result of yield value, blasting prssure, wading volume,rate of volume deformation, yielding deformation, blasting deformation,length, and it can also draw the graph of pressure-inflow,pressure-time and inflow-time.
Used for: compressed gas cylinder(industrial gas, carbonic, oxygen therapy,CO2 beverage, SCUBA dive,SCBA beathing, fire extinguishers, refrigerant, cylinders), ASME coding cylinder, fire control gas cylinder.