Fire extinguisher cylinder production line

Extinguisher cylinder making line


1.Production speed:6—8pcs/min
2.Motor power: Moulding machine:AC-7.5kw-8
                      Cutting machine:2×AC-5.5Kw-4
                      Hydraulic station:AC-2.2Kw-4
3.Dc rushed argon arc welding machine:500A
4. Basic components:
  a).Moulding machine: The moulding maching consists of one feed preparation unit,six feeding of a flat rolls and seven vertical rolls.It is used to roll the metal trip into tube shape as requirement.
  b).Welder:preheating the steel tubes setp by step, and welding the steel pipes as required.
  c).Cooling part: Cooling the welded steel pipes.
  d).Sizing mill: Sizing mill consists of four edger flat rolls and four vertical rolls.It is used to sizing, reeling, straightening the weled steel pipes.
  e).Cutting machine: It's consisting of double-position rotating cutter. It can cut two pipes each time.The cutting machine is used to track and cut the pipe line into the given length.